Emeka Iroha, MD

Internal Medicine in Las Vegas, NV

Emeka Iroha, MD

Emeka Iroha, MD, is an internal medicine physician and the founder of A-P Medical Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Iroha takes a personalized approach to care with medical treatment, focusing on providing patients with the best guidance and care for their unique health. 

Dr. Iroha joined the US Army as a Combat Medic prior to enrolling at Tarrant County College. He then went on to pursue his bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he majored in mathematics, biology, and biochemistry. Dr. Iroha started teaching middle school mathematics shortly after graduating. Following his time as a teacher, he obtained his master’s degree in molecular genetics and doctorate in medicine. 

He completed his residency at the University of Nevada, Reno, and while in the program, he joined the US Air Force as a Captain and gradually rose the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel. Dr. Iroha has been living in Las Vegas since 2007. 

Dr. Iroha founded A-P Medical Group with the mission to provide comprehensive family care to the diverse community in Las Vegas. He understands the importance of having exceptional medical care to stay healthy and focuses on building rapport with every member of your family for long-term success.