Primary & Family Care

Family and Internal Medicine Practice, HRT Pellet Placement & Weight Loss Specialists & Allergy Testing offered in Las Vegas, NV

Primary & Family Care

A-P Medical Group is a family and internal medicine practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Emeka Iroha, MD, provides primary care and family care services to the community they serve with compassion and understanding. They manage general health and wellness, along with medical issues like allergies and obesity. For attentive primary and family care, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Primary & Family Care Q & A

What is primary care and family care?

Primary care and family care are the managers of your health needs.

Primary care

Primary care is your first point of contact when you need medical services. Your primary care provider manages your whole health, diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease.


Family care

Family care is an area of medicine that specializes in managing the health needs of the entire family. Many health conditions run in families. Having a health care provider that cares for you and your children or older parents ensures everyone gets the screenings and education necessary to prevent or delay diseases. 

A-P Medical Group is a primary care practice that provides family care for ages 12 and older. 


What are the primary care and family care services?

A-P Medical Group is dedicated to providing exceptional care to the community they serve. Some of the primary and family care services available include:


Physicals provide valuable information about your current state of health. A-P Medical Group performs a physical at every visit. However, your annual physical exam is the most in-depth and important health visit of the year. 



A-P Medical Group takes a proactive and preventive approach to health. They use the information gathered during your annual physical to create a holistic wellness plan that benefits your current and future health and well-being.


Weight loss

Many people struggle to reach and maintain their ideal weight. A-P Medical Group provides expert help with weight loss, giving you the tools and support needed to reach your goals and stay there.


Hormone therapy

A-P Medical Group provides hormone therapy for age-related hormone changes to restore balance. The family and internal medicine practice also offers hormone therapy for the LGBTQ+ individuals looking for gender transition options. 


Disease management

Primary care and family care at A-P Medical Group also includes disease management, offering testing and treatment for allergies. 


What can I expect from primary care and family care?

You can expect patient-centered primary care and family care at A-P Medical Group. The medical group puts your health and wellness first. They spend time listening to your story so they can create an effective plan that meets your health needs and goals.

For compassionate primary and family care, call A-P Medical Group or schedule your appointment online today.